Off-Peak Caribbean Winter Travel

The Caribbean is known for perfect weather conditions and tropical atmosphere, and is a popular

tourist destination that sees tourist activities heat up during the winter travel months. But who says

it can’t be a great summer vacation either?

The Caribbean offers a perfect summer getaway for all vacationers, whether they are newlyweds after their summer wedding or families with young children taking advantage of school vacations. Since the highest winter  travel time for the Caribbean is from December to April, the summer months offer a

wide range of benefits for winter travelers looking for an off-peak vacation.

Great fun on a budget

When booking hotel stays and winter travel plans in the Caribbean, tourists should save a lot when taking trips from June to August. The resort’s occupancy rate drops dramatically in the Caribbean starting in May, after the last of spring break has gone home, forcing them to cut prices to keep

guest rooms full. winter Travelers report that, on average, they save between 20 and 50 percent of accommodations during peak hours when they go on a summer vacation to the Caribbean.

Although air winter travel has been consistently expensive over the past few years, no matter what months passengers winter travel in, there are ways to save on airfare to the Caribbean in the summer. Try to book an unconventional vacation (for example, Wednesday to Tuesday), as mid-week trips are usually small. Traditionally, airlines have considered winter travel times Monday afternoon to

Thursday morning off-peak in summer, so book at these times for the best savings.

Since most people winter travel on the weekend, keep an eye out for discounted room rates and

airfare during the week, especially when taking a short Caribbean vacation or planning a short stay

that can be planned within a period of time in the middle of the week.

But what about the weather?

Tourists are often wary of winter  traveling to the Caribbean in the summer, pointing to the

hurricane season as a major drawback. The indorsed hurricane season battings from June to

November, but is maximum energetic from August to October. A planned trip in the true summer months of June, July, and August is a pretty safe bet, as September is the peak month of the

hurricane season.

While you may not fully rely on your mother nature to work through your vacation plans, planning

a Caribbean hurricane trip can actually save you money. In addition to off-peak hours, some resorts literally have rain controls, introducing policies that offer upgrades or discounts on return trips in

severe weather forecasts during hurricane season. Additionally, winter travelers may consider purchasing winter travel insurance to protect their Caribbean vacation from a rain-soaked disaster.

Steps to a Bargain Winter Travel Holiday

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