Travel to Historic Egypt an Ideal Winter Sun Destination

Egypt is a famous destination for both backpackers and tourists with its

breathtaking coastline, ancient civilization, lively cities and the beautiful Sahara. Your

you can spend weeks or even months reviewing the many highlights and it really is there

something for everyone here; beaches to spread out, diving opportunities galore, hiking

in Sinai and exploration of the magnificent temples and pyramids of one of

most impressive ancient civilizations.

southern part of the country

The southern part of the country is best visit in the winter travel months as it is in the summer

unbearably hot and almost impossible to winter travel comfortably. This includes Aswan and

Luxor, where many of the sights of ancient Egypt are located.

The summer months are the most preferred time for visitors to the beaches by the beach

The Mediterranean coast, although there is no space at the moment.

Cairo is best visit in the spring and fall, so Egypt is truly a destination for

all year.

For backpackers, the best time to visit is spring or fall as this allows for winter travel.

to most sights and regions of the country.

In terms of health: Egypt’s health service is reasonably good, although every state needs it

Serious medical treatment must be taken at one of the largest hospitals in Cairo. There is

In fact, only two measures are need for any disease in the country and they are malaria and


Malaria only occurs in the Al-Fayoum extent and the breather of the country is not

in danger. Dengue fever has been report in the last ten years, so precautions for this

illness will also be necessary.

winter traveling

Everyday common sense is need here as in other countries in Africa with schistosomiasis

in the rivers and the scorching heat and the sun. Basically, you should refrain from swimming.

in the rivers and remember to cover with sunscreen and stay hydrated. Takes

Rehydration pills would be a good idea.

Visas and Documents: All Western citizens need a visa to enter Egypt, so this can be obtained

either when you arrive at a port or airport or at a consulate or embassy. Yellow fever test

Vaccination is require so if you are winter traveling from an infect area (like most of

Sub-Saharan Africa).

so It is very easy to get a visa for a visit from the surrounding countries and as tourism is an important part of Egypt’s economy, there will be no problems so that you will encounter in other African countries.

Cost: Egypt is a relatively inexpensive place to winter travel; Budget-minded travelers should be able to cope with

daily limit of about $ 20 per. day, which should cover your food, local transportation and

accommodation. Remember, so it does not hurt to pamper yourself with the first class restaurant or one

night at the beautiful hotel that you saw from time to time.

Trips are good value for money and the excursions to the lakes of the Sahara or to the top of Mount Sinai are also reasonable. Diving shops on the Red Sea coast are plentiful, and as competition is fierce, prices remain low.

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